Swire Oilfield Services
swire oldfield services

The Challenge

To create a short, high-quality video to raise the profile of Swire Oilfield Services and promote their new Modular Systems services.

S2N Solution

Combine photo-real 3D animation demonstrating Swire’s customisable modular systems with a cinematic portrayal of Swire’s global operations and passionate people.

The Thinking

Compositing the live-action video within a 3D, Modular Systems context brings two distinct visual elements into more consistent, organic whole.

Making It Happen

Working closely with Swire’s Marketing team and their branding agency Fifth Ring, SIGNAL2NOISE wrote a script to capture the client’s capabilities, global reach, and culture.

Swire Oilfield Services

A SIGNAL2NOISE crew then filmed at Swire locations in Norway, Louisiana, and Aberdeen. High-quality 3D animation was used to bring Swire’s range of containers and modular systems to life. The video footage was then composited to appear ‘projected’ onto and within the animation.

The ‘Swire Wave’ was an important new brand element. This was incorporated by rotoscoping an animated version of the wave into live action sections.


The video was completed on schedule and launched at ONS in Stavanger.

“We’re delighted with the new Modular Systems video. It promotes Swire Oilfield Services’ new brand and showcases the company’s products, capability and values extremely effectively.”
Nick Coaton, Commercial Manager, Swire Oilfield Services

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