Swire Oilfield Services - OverVu
swire oldfield services

The Challenge

To produce a short, 2D animation providing a clear but engaging marketing film to promote the benefits of OverVu.

S2N Solution

To unite a simple but stylish 2D info – graphics supported by voice-over to present how OverVu enables companies to track & trace assets, materials, and personnel globally, via a single application.

The Thinking

Filming offshore is tangibly difficult. By creating 2D info – graphics with Icons, still images and graphics replicates the process of OverVu and brings it to life.

Swire Oilfield Services - OverVu

Making It Happen

Pre-production started with an audio – visual script which evolved into the realm of animation where a storyboard was createdin sequence to music and a guide voice. The static storyboards then developed into the fully – fledged 2D animation. Using the 2D animation helped explain how OverVu works and the benefits it brings.


The finished film was used by Swire for external uses to sell the OverVu software. They took the software to various exaptation’s and road shows to demonstrate and try and sell the new Swire OverVu software.

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