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Next Generation Desanding

The Challenge

To produce a marketing video promoting the USP, benefits and superior capabilities of Stork’s Advanced Online Desanding Sand Management Services.

S2N Solution

Create a stylised yet fully immersive 3D environment to portray the AOD process offshore. The story is told by ‘Sandy’, a veteran offshore character who explains how Stork’s new AOD solution can put an end to ‘old school’ desanding.

The Thinking

Filming offshore is logistically difficult and expensive. Creating 3D models of the AOD modules in an ambient occlusion world allows the audience to see more technical detail in a visually engaging way. Sandy’s veteran perspective humanises the desanding problem while challenging ‘old school’ thinking.


Making It Happen

Pre-production required detailed 3D modelling of the AOD equipment and the offshore environment. The casting of ‘Sandy’ sought an engaging actor with a tough ‘veteran’ look. Live action filming then took place in Scotland’s largest green screen studio.

In post-production, the live action and 3D elements were composited together. Precise tracking ensured that Sandy interacts accurately with the 3D environment as the AOD modules build and connect around him. 2D animated text helped explain the AOD process and emphasise the benefits Stork delivers.


The completed video played a central role in Stork’s multi-faceted AOD marketing campaign, which included a Technology Day at Stork’s Aberdeen premises and a digital campaign:

“We are delighted with the video SIGNAL2NOISE produced.
It played an important role in our campaign.”

Katie Allan, Stork

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