Safety Superheroes

The Challenge

HSE office induction videos are often dry, box ticking exercises that most visitors dread having to sit through – with Plexus we wanted to re-engage the audience by offering something new and exciting that grabs the audiences’ attention.

S2N Solution

The potential of 2D animation opens up a world of possibilities, but it’s not enough to just showcase clever visuals. We created the character of “You” – the everyday Plexus visitor, or more pertinently, the immediate viewer, as a means to instantly connect the audience to the films messaging. “You” then takes us on the journey of how to keep safe and work in the Plexus offices.

Making It Happen

It was critical that the character of “You” and the overall style of the animations had a unique and carefully thought out design. S2N worked closely with their animator to create character designs that were lively and charismatic yet not overtly “cartoonish”.


A bold and vivid colour palette was used to bring the scenes to life. We worked closely with the client to develop detailed storyboards and scripts to ensure the messaging and style was effective and accurate before fully rendering final animations.


Plexus were so enthused and delighted with the film that it was immediately rolled out to staff and visitors. They also continued the character animation theme into other HSE campaign material, recognising the strong impact and positive feedback from staff and visitors.

The Thinking

By relating our animated character to the audience in such a direct manner, the viewer is able to appreciate instantly that this film is about them and their behaviours, it’s not just a list of emotionless procedures that require to be adhered to, the film is asking the audience to take responsibility for themselves and others, but in an engaging and enjoyable manner.

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