John Swire & Sons
John Swire & Sons

The Challenge

To produce a clear, engaging training video explaining Swire’s Code of Conduct to employees across the Swire Group’s diverse businesses.

S2N Solution

To create a bespoke, yet consistent Code of Conduct video for each of Swire’s main businesses’ by using a one-team approach across all of Swire’s global locations.

The Thinking

By connecting 2D animation with a professional voice-over and gentle upbeat music, the concept behind the Code of Conduct training video becomes an engaging and lively booklet on screen. The concept should connect and engage all employees right across the Swire group.

John Swire & Sons

Making It Happen

Working closely with the London head office and direct contact with each filming location, a detailed logistics plan and script was developed. Meticulous timing and accuracy in advance was very important for this project. Everything had to be planned thoroughly.

SIGNAL2NOISE filmed across Australia, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, USA and the UK. This ensured a tight control of content, consistent creative style and a high quality, effective video.


It was shown to employees across the organisation, offshore and onshore. To support the Tower of Strength Campaign, over 200 hand-made wooden towers were distributed around the world to KCA Deutag’s assets.

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