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DP World - CSR Maritime Piracy

Saving Lives at Sea

The Challenge

To create a short film for an international audience raising awareness of the human cost of maritime piracy.

S2N Solution – Documentary

Hear firsthand accounts from people whose lives have been traumatised by pirates.

The Thinking

When a vessel is captured at sea, the crew often suffer intense physical hardship and mental trauma. But their families also have to endure months of fear and uncertainty over the safety of their loved ones.

DP World

Making It Happen

Working closely with Dubai-based production company Aether Media, painstaking research sought seafarers and their families willing to share their experiences. An unobtrusive, 2-man documentary crew then filmed interviews in Dubai and India.

The edit took place in Aberdeen using Skype to liaise with the client in Dubai. While in London, original music was specially composed and recorded to echo the film’s powerful emotions.

months of fear and uncertainty over the safety of their loved ones.


The film screened at a global conference on maritime piracy in Dubai and won a Platinum Best of Show and two Gold Awards at the 2012 Aurora Awards in the USA.

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